Elegant Healthiswealthi Health and Fitness Planner

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Learn how to Journal your health and fitness activities to keep fit and be healthy

The truth is, a lot of people do not make a conscious effort to work on keeping fit. If they do, it will help keep a lot of health challenges at bay in the future.

A lot of us live sedentary lifestyles and rarely move around to keep fit. This is resulting in more and more people having health issues such as obesity and being overweight which naturally lead to high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar, arthritis, etc.

Do you want to change your lifestyle and live healthily?

DO you know that you can actually get a journal to keep track of all your daily activities?

Then this planner is for you:

This Elegant Healthiswealthi Health and fitness planner

  • Helps you to stay organized.

  • Keep track of how you are doing in your exercise routine,

  • To keep track of your eating pattern

  • To keep track of your mood

  • How you are doing in your wellness.

  • To keep track of your water intake

  • How to keep track of your sleeping patterns,

  • To write down your to-do lists

  • Monthly check-in on how you are doing

  • Enables you to identify a pattern in your daily living.

This Planner will help you know what is working, what needs to be changed and how well you are doing in your weight loss or belly fat shedding campaign.

Keep fit and be healthy in 2022 and beyond. To enjoy good health and be healthy, you need a little companion to keep you accountable. Let this planner be your little guide etc

This is a must-have for everybody keen on keeping healthy

Who is Oyediya Akudinobi

She is a healthy living enthusiast. She believes in making lifestyle changes now to live a better life in the future. She has written more than 8 books that are on Amazon and just recently released 7 Secrets Why Women struggle with belly fats and Healthy Foods: How to Eat right for good health.

She is passionate to help women, rise above internal struggles, emotional abuse and live the life of their dreams.

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Healthiswealthi Health and Fitness Planner

Elegant Healthiswealthi Health and Fitness Planner

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Good health is worth more than everything in life.

For Health is Wealth.

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Keep track of your wellness
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Keep track of food intake

Elegant Healthiswealthi Health and Fitness Planner

0 ratings
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