Healthiswealthi Self -Care Journal

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Healthiswealthi Self Care Journal

will help you

  • to write down your emotional feeling

  • to gauge your feelings

  • to check your emotional health and well-being

  • to document what matters to you

  • to document how you sleep

  • what are your achievements

  • what is making you happy

  • and your aspirations

The Healthisiwealthi Journal is your self-care journal to help with your mental health and wellness. It helps you to document what makes you feel good and happy and your daily progress in the journey of life.

If you are struggling with your mental health or feeling overwhelmed with issues of life, then this is for you. This is for you if you have been emotional abused and you are feeling unwanted, unloved and rejected.

This Healthiswealthi Self-care Journal will help you begin your healing Journal to a better you.

with healing comes the endless possibility to rise above the struggles and depression to become a voice in your lifetime, encouraging others and overcome and be strong.

This self-care Journal will help you to become stronger and a better you.

Remember, your mental health is important in your daily healthy living

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You'll get self-care journal to write how you're feeling

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Healthiswealthi Self -Care Journal

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